About us


  • Why we exist?

Experience of municipalities in developing countries shows that a constant flows of cooperation and volunteer activities of citizens would assist their governments to gain their aims. Similarly, Tehran municipality management department has decided to found an organization to improve young citizens cooperation’s in urban affairs handling.


  • When, where and how we started?

City pal was founded in 2006 to improve and empower youth cooperation’s in volunteer activities in Tehran. To initiate these activities an information system was designed to spread the awareness of this new organization among citizens specially in order to give the membership to young people. This organization is subsidiaries of cultural and social assistant of Tehran municipality.


  • What we do in Tehran?

We work in 2 different levels

  • Young city-pal campaign

In this level the main aim is to make policy and monitoring the performance of all regions. Designing and planning cultural and social exhibitions and seminars are of the other aims of this campaign.

  • Young city-pal regions

Independently holding regional exhibitions or with participation of regional municipalities are the first priorities of these regions.


  • What is our vision?

City-pal home concluded elite, hopeful, active, energetic, and faithful youth as a developing effective social investment of Tehran city who visualize their vision in discovering the needs and affairs of metropolises.


  • What are our aims?

Our aims are divided to 3 scopes:

  1. Decision making

By holding special workshop, connecting youth and urban managers to interact new and inspiring ideas for sustainable urban managing, solutions would be found efficiently. To achieve this, we need geniuses’ experts in addition to managers’ trust in order to make the best decisions for city affairs.

  1. Empowerment

Skill training and empowering youth would promote establishing NGOs. Thus, youth are empowered for independent social activities.

  1. Utilizing public participation

Implementing new plans and ideas for a vast variety of people need organized human resources. City-pal home can organize sustainable interacting networks and training human resources in urban management. This would increase other organizations participations to assist urban managing.