• What are our missions and roles?

The main mission is to utilize the power and capability of youth in framework of volunteer activities to improve citizenship culture by organizing a huge young human network as an executive and intellectual assist for municipality.

Main roles are listed as bellow:

  1. Improve creative and innovative sprit in urban management
  2. Upbringing young expert to implement responsible and active urban management
  3. Organizing, empowering and supporting NGOs
  4. Training Tehran citizens and promoting culture, and citizenship morality in different scopes of urban living
  5. Constant recognizing and introducing potential fields for effective presence of youths
  6. Constant monitoring the need, comments and expectation of youth
  7. Conducting critical and advisory views of youth to urban managers
  8. Sustainable utilizing of scientific, and religious human recourses replying on pure and noble Iranian-Islamic culture and “Holy Defense”
  9. Efforts to cultural developments
  10. Exclusively supporting deprived and vulnerable youth
  11. Utilizing occasions as the opportunity to gain the aims
  12. Utilizing youth capabilities to improve citizens living quality
  13. Assist and cooperation Tehran metropolis municipality in different scopes, like environment, traffic, recreation, landscape, …
  14. Accompanying to improve efficiency of social and cultural areas
  15. Utilizing the potential of internet and social networks and supporting desired social and cultural activities on the net
  16. Extending NGOs activities and promoting regional ones
  17. Programing to reinforce leisure time of youth and teenagers
  18. Improving citizenship culture and mutual rights and duties of citizens, cities and urban mangers
  19. Promoting the spirit of hope and social freshness and confronting anxiety, and depression
  20. Deepening national faith and believes to train faithful, liable, creative and active citizens