Mr. Abouei, CEO
Date Of Transfer:  20 July 2016  |  03:03:12  | 

In 2004 the idea of enhancing people participation in society was fulfilled by establishing “Young Shahryaran house”. In this organization, the main aim was to encourage youth in volunteer activity as the social capital. Fortunately, the Mayor of Tehran was the first supporter of this plan.

People contribution in social activities has always been as one the signs of democratic societies, and many sociologist have defined it in their own culture. What they believe in common is that 3 factors are the most important things in social capital: relationship, trust and norm.  Social capital is as the result of collective action and thus is one the success factors of that. Researchers have been demonstrated social capital can Facilitate information interaction and so help interactive understanding, effective decision making and resolving problems and challenges of the society. In “Shahryaran young house” we try to benefit youths capacity in Iran.